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The Stonehenge World Heritage Site landscape is under threat – and urgent action is needed now to protect it. Left unchallenged, Highways England’s proposed road tunnel inside the boundaries of the World Heritage Site will irreversibly destroy large tracts of land and with it the hidden archaeology it contains – once gone, it will be gone forever.


We are a consortium of senior archaeologists and historians who have carried out most of the internationally recognised research within the Stonehenge WHS over the last 30 years. Several of us are members of the A303 Scientific Committee appointed by Highways England to advise it on the archaeological and wider heritage impacts of the tunnel scheme.

Whilst we recognise that the A303 passing Stonehenge is often congested, it is our firm view that the tunnel scheme will cause immeasurable damage to this unique and internationally significant ritual landscape – the secrets of which we are still decoding. This would be a flagrant breach of the UK’s commitments to UNESCO under the World Heritage Convention, and it must be stopped!

The location of both the Eastern and Western portals to the proposed tunnel inside the WHS will be a monstrous intrusion on the landscape, leaving deep scars long after the expiry of the tunnel’s shelf-life:      

  • Construction of the Eastern portal and associated ramps/flyovers risks altering the water table at the recently-discovered Mesolithic site of Blick Mead, endangering preservation of the organic remains which are telling us so much about the lives of the hunter-gatherer groups who visited and occupied this area after the end of the last Ice Age.

  • The road line would cut through the densest concentration in Britain of remains of Neolithic long barrows (burial mounds from c.3800-3300 BC) known in Britain. This is located in an area of less than 4sq km between Stonehenge and the western edge of the WHS. Dating to before Stonehenge, the long barrows’ distribution may have a bearing on why Stonehenge was located where it is.

  • The proposed widening of the A303 from the Western portal to the western boundary of the WHS will similarly cause irreversible damage to hidden and known archaeology, as will the creation of construction access roads and the presence of heavy plant inside the WHS during the anticipated 5 year construction project.

Professor David Jacques for Save Our Stonehenge

Despite massive criticism of this controversial scheme during the public consultation process over the last 2 years, including UNESCO’s damning verdict (see links elsewhere on this site), Highways England have pressed ahead with their preferred scheme regardless. They have applied for a Development Consent Order, and the Planning Inspectorate has commenced a statutory Examination process. To maximise our chances of opposing this scheme, we need to raise funding for expert legal representation during the Examination, which is why we are making this appeal. We understand the critical Preliminary Meeting will be arranged for early April, which means we have about 3 weeks to raise the initial target of £50,000, albeit that target will inevitably have to be stretched as the Examination proceeds.

Professor Mike Parker Pearson on the Stonehenge Tunnel Scheme

Julian Richards on the Stonehenge Tunnel Scheme plan in 2017

We are in the process of setting up a charitable trust, to be known as the Stonehenge Preservation Trust, in order to manage this appeal and legal funding. In the meantime, if you share our concerns and determination to oppose this short-sighted scheme, please use the DONATE buttons to contribute - no donation too small or too large! The key issue now is URGENCY, so if you want to help us to stop the tunnel scheme, please donate now.

The Stonehenge Alliance, that has long campaigned against the road scheme, is a separate organisation. Our campaign concentrates on the archaeological implications of the project, whereas the Stonehenge Alliance opposes the scheme on numerous other critical issues as well. Together we share the same goal – to save the World Heritage Site from Highways England’s damaging scheme.


We invite you to explore the rest of this site, in particular the links to other submissions and short videos prepared by our experts in the field (some of whom are likely to be giving expert evidence to the Examination), if you wish to consider the archaeological and heritage arguments in more detail.

Sir Cecil Chubb

"I have done the right thing in passing for ever from private ownership to the custody of the nation this grand old monument."


We are a consortium of experts and archaeologists who have worked in the Stonehenge area including: 

Our Experts


Our Lawyers

Due to the complexity and seriousness of the issues involved as well as the National and International interest in Stonehenge and the preservation of the World Heritage Site not only is it important for us to seek expert legal advice but also vital that we choose a barristers’ set recognised for this very specialist area of work.


39 Essex Chambers have agreed to represent our cause. They were awarded Real Estate, Environment and Planning Set of the Year in The Legal 500, UK 2018 Awards, for the second successive year. In addition, they are four time winners of the Chambers & Partners Environment / Planning Set of the Year.


Peter Village Q.C. (Planning and Environment Silk of the year 2012) and Victoria Hutton (ranked as one of the top junior barristers at the planning bar) kindly put themselves forward and have already provided extensive pro bono advice to us, for which we are immensely grateful.


The extent and detail of the future work required from them, as matters progress, is such that ongoing pro bono assistance by them is impractical. As such a fee paying arrangement (but on a discounted basis) will be put in place; hence the funds we need to raise.

Our Charitable Trust

To help us achieve our significant fund raising objectives we have partnered with Crowdfunder Ltd, a UK based organisation with a proven track record of connecting community and environmental projects with both the public at large as well as their own “community” of dedicated supporters. In using their knowledge, people-base and skills we hope to reach a much wider audience than we otherwise might.

The purposes of the trust will be:

  1. To fund legal representation to oppose the Stonehenge tunnel scheme, and to meet any related expenses to other professionals;

  2. To apply any surplus funds raised towards continuing research at Blick mead and/or other archaeological research in the WHS.


However, we are also conscious that having charitable status and HMRC recognition, along with having trustees accountable to the Charity Commissioner and to the Courts as regards the use to which donations are put, provides a level of assurance that many might expect before making a donation.  And charitable status also means we will be able to claim “gift aid”.


We are, therefore, actively seeking registration as a charity and have asked the Charity Commissioner to expedite our application due to the urgency of the deadlines we will soon face. We shall keep you updated but hope to display our charity registration number shortly.

UK UNESCO Ambassador Matthew Lodge, April 2018


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TEDx talk on the community benefits of archaelogy in the stonehenge landscape, June 2018

Sky News, 8th February 2018


Times article, 21st January 2017

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 11.21.05.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 11.23.25.png

Professor David Jacques on Sky News, 7th February 2019

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Problems with the Stonehenge Tunnel by Sean Malik Williams

"we must all look to what we can do to play our part...The United Kingdom looks forward to being part of that journey and supporting UNESCO’s efforts."